World Pandemic and Mental Health
All over the world, people were forced to change their lives with no warning and no guide as to how to get back to normal. So, the question is “What do we do”
Don't Stop
There are so many obstacles that stand in the way of success and growth. I’m here to tell you “Don’t stop” Your job is to move through the pain and challenges. I’ve noticed in my own personal life, there are times when I’m not motivated but know there’s so much in me that needs to be said and shared
Domestic Violence ; YES, it Happens to Teens
When thinking about domestic violence we often think about adults that have experienced traumatic events associated with domestic violence, but teens do as well! I was that teenager that dealt with physical, mental and emotional abuse from my high school boyfriend. My boyfriend was jealous and insecure which in turn lead to abuse.
Make It Happen Today
If today were your last day on earth, What is it that you wished you would have accomplished or completed? What holds you back? Most of the time we don't live out our dreams due to fear or thinking we have time to do it, whatever it is. The truth is we don't have time and if we aren't doing that thing we love then time is wasted.
Trust Him
Let me pose a question to you? How many times have you prayed for something, GOD revealed it and you didn't recognize the answer? Often, we will pray for something, whether it be peace in a relationship, for GOD to reveal if that person is the one or more money; but when given the answer either we ignore it, don't recognize it or get upset with the answer.
Self Love
Happy Valentine's Day! Today I wanted to send you this Blog about Self Love. On a day like today, people emphasize the importance of love and romantic relationships. I would like to pose this question to you. What about the love for yourself? What will you do special for you today?
Are you aware of what's happening around you? Do you stay in the present moment or are you always dwelling on the past and worried about the future? Well, if you answered yes to dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, then I would like to introduce you to MINDFULNESS!
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is important to bring awareness to others so that they can understand how domestic violence can truly affect people's lives in a major way. I am very passionate about this subject and feel it's my job to get the message out to the community.
Positive Change
Today I want to discuss positive change with you. Have your ever asked this question, What does it take to make changes in my life? If you've asked yourself this question, then it's probably time to make changes.
What Wakes Your Soul?
I'm here to pose this question to you. What wakes your soul? Is it the car you drive, the money you make or the neighborhood you live in? Well let me tell you, at one point in my life I truly had no idea what woke my soul.
Reaching Your Goals
What's limiting you from reaching your goals? Is it lack of motivation or procrastination? Well guess what, It could be both but the question is, what will you do to fix the problem.
5 Ways to Build Self Esteem
At some point in life we all have experienced issues with low self esteem, whether it be our own negative self criticism or negative comments that came from other people.

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