5 Ways To Build Self Esteem

5 ways to build self esteem to promote self love, confidence and happiness.


At some point in life we all have experienced issues with low self esteem, whether it be our own negative self criticism or negative comments that came from other people. I believe that a large percentage of what we think or believe about ourselves came from someone else, therefore we have to be careful what we allow into our spirit, it will stick around for awhile. One of the most important things in life is to grow personally and spiritually reminding yourself that the words of others does not determine or define your self worth. Understand when others criticize you it has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them. Below I will provide you with 5 ways to build self esteem to promote self love, confidence, and happiness. So let's build your self esteem and get you back to who you were before all that negative garbage.


1. The key to building self esteem is believing in yourself which leads to true self love. Identify something positive about yourself daily.

Example: "I am a good friend", "I am a good listener", "I am good enough". Once you identify something positive repeat it to yourself 5 times. If you would like, repeat positive affirmation in the mirror. By implementing this activity it will not only boost your self esteem but also your positivity.


2. I mentioned earlier that what we believe about ourselves came from someone else which likely came from our childhood. Today I want you to connect with your inner child and invite love in. Repeat to yourself-"I will not criticize myself or others"


3. Today is the day to fall in love with yourself! If you don't love yourself how can others. It's time to fall in love with every aspect of your life. Connect and get to know the REAL you and realize "I'm not so bad after all" Repeat this positive affirmation-"I accept my genetic makeup" My challenge for you is to find that one thing you enjoy and do it alone. Start spending time with you! Fall in love with you!


4. Your beauty shines bright blessing the world. You are a positive force of nature. Love and accept your flaws. You are wonderfully made and this is how GOD wanted you. Love and embrace everything about yourself. Repeat this positive affirmation: "I'm a beautiful human being inside and out. "I accept my flaws".


5. You are special and deserve to live a happy fulfilled life but it starts with you. Start your healing process and improve the way you think and feel about yourself. Keep reminding yourself, the words of others does not define or determine my self worth. Let go of what others have projected on you. Become what you believe. Believe in the good! Repeat this positive affirmation: "I will change all negative thoughts and beliefs"

"I approve of myself"


Start your journey of self love today!

Kitty Robinson LPC

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