Reaching Your Goals

What's limiting you from reaching your goals? Is it lack of motivation or procrastination? Well guess what, It could be both but the question is, what will you do to fix the problem. I've recently struggled with lack of motivation to the highest power! What I had to do to gain back my motivation was to figure out why this was happening. What I discovered was when I experience lack of motivation, I'm usually stressed and feel I can't handle everything, therefore I shut down, losing my focus, determination and drive. When losing motivation and becoming complacent it's important to motivate yourself so that your able to get back on track. Here are some tips on increasing your motivation so you can be the best you! First, remember why your doing what your doing. Example: I'm in the mental health field and started my private practice because I want to help individuals grow in life as well as live their lives to the fullest and when remembering that, I push myself harder which in turn increases my motivation. Secondly, encourage yourself daily. It's so important to speak life into yourself. Wake your mind up! Say positive affirmations daily to help get you motivated. Positive affirmations are like exercise for your brain. Saying positive affirmations increases happiness, motivation, and gratitude. Third, change your behaviors. If you have a problem with time management sit down and work through your schedule and really focus on what needs to be completed first and what's most important. Also make time for YOU! There has to be a balance. Find time to implement enjoyable activities(work hard, play hard). Lastly stay away from negative thinking. Negative thinking limits you every time! What happens is you think "I can't do this" and guess what you won't! Do not let your mind play tricks on you. When negative thoughts come in quickly dismiss them and replace with positive thoughts. Whatever goals you have in mind that you want to reach, YOU can do it beautiful soul! Push on and go accomplish your dreams! Be blessed!

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