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If today were your last day on earth, What is it that you wished you would have accomplished or completed? What holds you back? Most of the time we don't live out our dreams due to fear or thinking we have time to do it, whatever it is. The truth is we don't have time and if we aren't doing that thing we love then time is wasted. The end of 2018 was rough for me personally. My former supervisor passed away unexpectedly which in turn caused some anxiety for me as well as awareness that one can die at any given time without warning. I started to think more about death and things I hadn't accomplished as well as uncompleted task. I thought about the legacy I wanted to leave behind. I thought about my children and what would happen if I passed away. I thought about my finances and my desire to leave my children well taken care of. I thought about so many things I wanted to do like travel out of the country and speak to audiences all around the world. After taking time to think things through I decided that this life GOD gifted me will be lived to the fullest, each and everyday. One of the last conversations I had with my supervisor was on a live radio show. The topic was "Single Adulting: Loneliness, Dating, Loss and Motivation" We discussed dating, living life single(because that's how I've lived most of my life) and getting close to GOD and self in order to build relationships with others. We discussed the importance of getting motivated in life. And I can tell you, at times I wasn't motivated but since my supervisor's death I've taken on a new perspective with life. I'm here to encourage you today to live your life and stop waiting! Stop waiting to travel, stop waiting to date, stop waiting to change jobs, stop waiting to eat the right foods, stop waiting to exercise, stop waiting to tell those you love "I love you" The time is now! Whatever that thing is that you aren't doing, do it today because the day is not promised. Then wake up everyday and make that thing your priority! Don't wait to live your life, do it now!


Stay Blessed,
Kitty Robinson LPC

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