World Pandemic Mental Health

There is a huge link between this world pandemic and mental health and that link is life is not the same for anyone anymore. People are afraid of the unknown, the uncertainty in this world. People are afraid of the atmosphere when they step outside of the comfort zone of their homes. That fear turns into other emotions, symptoms. Symptoms like anxiety, that anxiety sounds like this “Am I going to get COVID-19, Will I take it home to my family” “Am I going to die” “Will I have family members that will die” Symptoms, depression! Depression because life is not the same and life as we know it has changed and we are not sure when it will feel familiar again. People are tired of being at home but afraid to go out. Domestic violence, women/men are locked in homes with a mate that was already abusive now with the stress of this world pandemic violence will only increase. Now there’s pressure to take care of the family which could produce stress, anxiety and irritability which could be taken out on the next person and this includes violence towards children. Mental health symptoms have increased. People are finding it hard to manage in a positive way due to worrying if they will have a job or be able to feed their families. People are turning to alcohol and other substances to help cope. People are afraid to be close to other people. People are keeping their distance. People are wearing mask, and no one can see the other person’s warm smile. When we are out all we see are the eyes of the other person and what I have seen is fear in those eyes. Oh, and did I mention illnesses, illness other than Coronavirus and Mental Health. People are experiencing health problems they had before this pandemic but are now afraid to go to the doctor or hospital due to fear of getting the VIRUS, therefore people are not taking care of their physical health. People are also lacking ways to deal with mental health issues. The world, people were forced to change their lives with no warning and no guide as to how to get back to normal. So, the question is “What do we do”

This is what is needed in these unprecedented times:

Do not lose your faith in GOD
Do not lose yourself
Make it a point to get out of your head and if you do not it will only produce stress and anxiety
Find a new normal and while doing so remember change is good
Remember to exercise and get fresh air
Connect with GOD daily
Meditate and do it in the sun
Drink plenty of water and eat healthy
Connect with loved ones through video (FaceTime or Zoom)
Connect with self, now is the perfect time
Make time to relax and calm the nervous system
Read a good book
Complete projects around the house
Read the Bible
Check in with your emotions and then find ways to manage them
Dance around the house while listening to music
Connect with your family-the family that live under the same roof as you
Write out a new plan for your life
Eliminate the news and social media
Take this opportunity to slow down
Grow, Grow, Grow

Let us turn this pandemic into growth
Let us turn this pandemic into faith
Let us turn this pandemic into love
Let us turn this pandemic into hope
Let us turn this pandemic into a win

Kitty Robinson

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