What Wakes Your Soul

Hello beautiful People!

I'm here to pose this question to you. What wakes your soul? Is it the car you drive, the money you make or the neighborhood you live in? Well let me tell you, at one point in my life I truly had no idea what woke my soul. To be honest I didn't even think about my soul. I was busy with day to day life, working, raising children and trying to stay afloat. I finally discovered this answer two years ago. I went through a break up and was truly devastated and decided to do some soul searching and if it wasn't for GOD and that break up I wouldn't have ever thought this deep about my own soul. What I mean by this, I finally got to know me. I mean really knowing who I am. How many of you truly know who you are? I'm not talking your favorite foods and colors. I mean really know. So two years ago on this journey of discovery I was able to spend time with me and my GOD. I asked him to help me discover my true self. I sat in stillness a lot, just with my thoughts. To get to know me I had to go within instead of out. In the past I grabbed for external factors to give me validation, I no longer do that. When you can get to a place where you know and love yourself from the inside, you no longer look for external validation. In the present day for me it only comes from within. Something else I discovered was by getting to know my soul and spirit, this directly connects me to GOD because he is within. Sometimes in life we feel the most important relationships are with others, but the first important ones are with GOD and self. Once you have mastered that your soul is awakened!! Go start your journey of self discovery today and always remember your soul and spirit shines bright! You are wonderfully made.

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