Trust Him

Let me pose a question to you? How many times have you prayed for something, GOD revealed it and you didn't recognize the answer? Often, we will pray for something, whether it be peace in a relationship, for GOD to reveal if that person is the one or more money; but when given the answer either we ignore it, don't recognize it or get upset with the answer.

Let me give you an example of getting upset when given an answer, again you may not even recognize it's the answer from GOD. Okay, so you pray for GOD to show you if this woman or man is right for you. The other person starts to show their true self which doesn't seem to be lining up with what you wanted. The first thing we do as humans is go to self(internalize). We start with negative self talk, "I'm not good enough" "He/She doesn't think I'm the right person" "I'll never find a true lasting relationship" "I'm a failure" Does any of this sound familiar? Well let me share some truth with you! This was GOD not you! He's trying to reveal the answers you're searching for. When you ask GOD for something don't be upset when he reveals it to you. Stay in constant prayer so you will know this is GOD.

Don't allow your negative voice to take over! Remember the things you have prayed for and stay Mindful. Understand whenever something bad happens, it's not always BAD. It could be GOD removing that person because they aren't right for you and your true mate is right around the corner. You losing that job could be a better opportunity for more money. If we can change the mindset from negative to positive, we can see the positive in situations that are uncomfortable. Always remember, you prayed it, trust him, he has never been wrong, he wants you to move, listen to him, it's not your way; it's his way. Go with his answer, you will WIN every time!

Stay Blessed
Kitty Robinson LPC

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